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Fall 2013 Phoenix College ECN211 and ECN212 Students:

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Fall 2013 MACROeconomics (ECN211)

Fall 2013 MICROeconomics (ECN212)

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Interested in Spring 2014 classes?
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Here are the policies and practices in all the Spring courses.

* There are in-person class meetings, for all Spring 2014 classes, (some sections meet more than others).
* All class tests are online and all the class activities we would do in class can also be taken online.
* This means you can substitute online activity for what we do in class, so you can pretty much complete the course online, if you want to.
* If you want to try to do work entirely online and skip class for a while, that is OK. You are always welcome to come back to "real life" class if you want.
* There is still always an actual class you can go to. You will always be able to come and get your questions answered, hear personal explanations of the material, and work on problem-solving with other students.
* Although there are specific "due dates" for everything, you may complete the tests and other work for the class early if you want to, at any time (up to the deadline) that is convenient.

Textbook and Materials
* The textbook and study guide can be downloaded for FREE. You can also order a printed copy for about the cost of printing (about $15 for each).
The colored boxes on the left have the links to the textbooks and study guides for Macroeconomics and Microeconomics.
You can also go to a Textbook Download and Order Page here. Be careful to get the book for YOUR class (ECN211 OR ECN212).

Have Fun or Learn Some
* If you like, you can play around to see what classes are like by setting up a FREE account. To do that, follow this link. There is no cost or obligation.

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To "test drive" the courses for Spring of 2014, select your class from those listed below.
If you "test drive" the class that you could be taking in the Spring of 2014, the work you do will be counted when the term starts. (Don't worry, you can always do it over to fix mistakes later.)
(Note: the due dates on the page may not yet be updated; everything is open to work on, however)

Spring 2014 MACROeconomics (ECN211)

Spring 2014 MICROeconomics (ECN212)